02.14.2012 Choosing Your Own Topic5

Having creative freedom with a research assignment is a mixed blessing. On one hand, you’re free to come up with your own topic and ideas. On the other hand, you must come up with your own topic and ideas! Many students feel overwhelmed without specific assignment criteria to adhere to.

If the assignment is truly wide open and you do not have to incorporate specific class material (like a basic research project for a composition class, for example), you should start with ten minutes of freewriting. Answer the questions, “What interests me?” “What am I good at?” And, “What could I teach someone else about?” Maybe you will end up with answers like skateboarding or music, which may not seem like they would lead to scholarly research. But the truth is, you can write a scholarly paper on just about any topic. We have seen excellent research papers on such topics as the logistics of opening a public skate park; the history, development, and cross-cultural significance of hip-hop; and the literary merits of Twitter. So don’t be afraid to be creative!

Of course, you should run your proposed topic by your professor to make sure he or she is on board. And we can help you too, from planning to research to writing to proofing the final copy.

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02.11.2012 Some Quick Tips on Wedding Toasts0

It’s always an honor to be chosen as best man or maid of honor at a wedding, but it also comes with some anxiety. Fear of public speaking is extremely common, so those nerves are understandable. Just remember, the point of the toast is to celebrate the couple, not to embarrass them!

You can include some funny, personal stories that illustrate your bond over the years, since everyone loves a good story. Still, be sure not to speak for too long. Three to five minutes is plenty long enough, as you will see when you’re up there delivering your toast.

Practice your speech a few times before delivering it, but make sure you don’t read straight from a piece of paper; this can seem rote, and often the delivery is flat. Instead, write down your main points on note cards to help prompt your memory.

If you just can’t find the right words, let us know! Give us some information about the happy couple, and we will craft an original, personalized speech that will leave the wedding guests alternately laughing and reaching for tissues.

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02.08.2012 Welcome to We Can Write That!0

We are so excited to officially present your one-stop writing shop, We Can Write That! Our team has been working hard on the site for months, and our staff and writers are ready to help you. Many of us have been working successfully as freelancers for years (as evidenced by our testimonials), and we have now joined forces to provide you with the finest custom writing experience possible. We may be new, but we strive to be the best, with excellent, highly-qualified and experienced writers, as well as stellar customer service.

Unlike our competitors, who are limited in the varieties of writing services they offer, We Can Write That is available for all your writing needs, whether they are academic, professional, or personal. We will adhere to your specific instructions and create a custom document just for you.

Please check our blog regularly for writing tips, special offers, and updates. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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