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Are you stuck trying to find just the right words for a wedding toast or acceptance speech? Do you need to set an effective tone for a complaint letter, message board posting, or email? Maybe you want to share some family news in an annual holiday greeting. We can create or edit your personal communications to achieve the style, mood, and quality you’re looking for.

Additionally, we assist with professional ghostwriting, revising, or editing of your writing, custom essay writing, memoirs, books, short stories, screenplays, and more. We have a number of writers with traditional and web-based publishing experience who can make your literary vision a reality.

We have expertise in resume writing and editing and creating cover letters specific to a particular job opening. Generic resumes and cover letters are not enough in today’s competitive job market; let our professional writers help you stand out!

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What a great experience I had using We Can Write That! The paper was well researched and written. The customer service was excellent and professional, making the editorial process painless! They were always quick to respond to any concern or question that I had. I am so glad that I tapped into this wealth of knowledge.

— Dave, San Jose, CA

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